How To Build A Bigger, More Muscular Neck…


By Arun Chase

For many of you, achieving a 6 pack abs, big biceps or sculpted chest muscles is important. However, you may forget about your neck muscles. This can only lead to one thing, “chicken neck syndrome”, which means you’ll look incredibly disproportional and still skinny.

I mean, wouldn’t it be silly if you had a big chest, wide shoulders, massive arms and six pack abs, but you had a stick like, skinny, little neck sticking out?

bigger neck musclesYou might resort to using scarves and turtlenecks to cover your neck and avoid embarrassing yourself, BUT covering your neck during warm weather just won’t make any sense. So, instead of ignoring your neck muscles, you really need to spend more time promoting them. Remember, It’s the few muscles on your body that will be open to view, pretty much, all the time!

In addition to all this, the neck muscles are some of the most important muscles used in contact sports; from going up for a rebound in basketball or sacking a quarterback in football. Yes it’s true!


Well, as with any bodybuilding program or workout routine, it is important to eat the right food and get plenty of rest to get the best results. You may also want to consider taking natural supplements to help your body gain muscle mass. But you also have to get your training right.

Here are a few tips for neck training;

Warm Up Correctly…

Before you even think about working your neck muscles, you need to warm up properly. Trust me, the neck is one area you don’t want to injure. To do this, just lightly rotate the neck from side to side. Do not make full revolutions as this isn’t good for your neck.

Take Note Of Your Form…

As with any kind of weight training, your form while working on your neck muscles should be flawless. If you go for weight more than form, your training will be compromised and you’ll just risk injury. So it is better to make sure that you have the correct form. Count to 3 seconds on the downward movement and 2 seconds on the pull or push motion.

Use A full ROM (Range of Motion)

In order to make sure that your muscles build up while retaining their flexibility, you should make sure to use full ROM in your workouts. That means move to the furthest point you can WITHOUT locking your joints.

Use The Best Neck Exercises…

There are quite a few exercises for neck muscles that you can utilize in your workout routine, but I just want to look at two of the best that you can use real quick (sorry, can’t cover them all in this one article :) )

Neck Flexion (do 3 sets of 8-12 reps)

a) To do the neck flexion, lie face down with your whole body straight on a flat bench. You want to position yourself so your neck, upper chest and shoulders lie a little off the front of the bench. This is your starting position.
b) Keep your hands secure on the back of your head, and slowly nod your head downwards, towards your chest as you breathe in.
c) Now use your hands to provide some resistance as you raise your head back up to the starting position and up as high as possible. Breathe out as you do this.
d) Repeat this for 8-12 reps. Make sure the resistance is strong enough, so that you tire out within this rep range.

Tip: If the resistance is too little, wrap a little weight in a towel and hold that on the back of your head with your hands. But take it easy, and don’t rush. You really don’t want to injure yourself. You can also consider getting a head harness to complete neck exercises, where you want to add quite a lot of resistance.

Lateral Flexion (do around 3 sets of 8-12 reps)

a) Start by sitting on a chair with your head looking straight ahead. Place your hand and palm gently above your left ear. That is your starting position
b) Bend your head left, towards your shoulder, bringing the left side of your head and your left shoulder as close as possible. Use your hand to add resistance. Whilst you do this movement. Make sure that you do not move any other part of your body when doing this exercise. Breathe out as you do this.
c) Then bring your head back up to the starting position slowly, and repeat on the other side alternately.
d) Do 8-12 reps. Make sure the resistance is strong enough to make sure you tire out in that rep range.
e) Repeat for your right hand-side.

Tip: If the resistance is too little, wrap a little weight in a towel and hold that on the side of your head, above your ear
You can also consider getting a head harness to complete neck exercises, where you want to add quite a lot of resistance.

Well that’s it…

If you suffer from a small neck, use the above, and get a bigger, more muscular neck!

Good Luck…and I truly hope you reach your goals, no matter what they maybe!

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