Muscle Gain Training Vs Strength Training Vs Endurance Training


By Arun Chase

Have you trained for weeks at the gym lifting 4-5 reps of a really heavy weight, but not seen any muscle gain? Have you ever done muscle building trainingmore than 12 reps to burn fat, but never got any results? Well that’s because you’ve been training WRONG!

Today I want to clear up a few misconceptions! See, muscle building or fat loss is not matter of just pumping heavy iron away! There is some science involved! Did you know that your weight lifting workout routine should be completely different for muscle building compared to strength training and endurance training? No? Well it is!

To make this a bit more clear, let’s look at all 3 in a little bit more detail:

Strength Training

Strength training is geared towards building up your power. It is great if you want to lift heavy objects or weights BUT it does NOT necessarily build up any muscle! That’s why many power lifters do not have that lean, buff or muscular body you expect them to BUT do have a lot of strength!

Muscle Gain Training

Muscle gain training, quite obviously is all about building up actual muscle on your frame, and the training required to get that muscular physique that you see on the front cover of all those male fitness magazines. This is the same as Bodybuilding, which is the development of a proportioned and highly muscular physique.

Endurance Training

Endurance training is focused on your stamina or staying power. This is great if you are an athlete looking to gain endurance for sports. For example, if you are looking to become a marathon runner, this is for you!

So What Does This All Mean For Your Training??

Well, each of these forms of training requires you to train in different rep ranges! That means your workouts will be totally different! Lets delve in a bit more detail…

> Under 6 reps- Strength Training

If you aim for under 6 reps per set (with each rep taking 5 seconds), that will increase your strength. This doesn’t mean you choose some super duper light weight and do under 6 repetitions. That’s not intense! What you want to do is, choose the heaviest weights possible, where you can do between 2-6 reps, but find it impossible to do anymore than 6 reps! This is perfect for strength training!

> 6-12 reps – Muscle Gain Training

A set repetition of 6-12 reps is where you will achieve the most muscle gain, where 6 to 9 is more favorable to increasing strength and muscle, whilst 9 to 12 reps will help increase your endurance and muscle. Again you want to choose the heaviest weights, so that you exhaust and tire in those rep ranges, and can’t do anymore!

> More Than 12 reps – Endurance Training

More than 12 repetitions will help to build muscle endurance. Most people think, for some reason that this helps to burn fat! But NO, it really doesn’t do much for fat loss. If you are really looking to burn fat you are better off sticking to the 6-12 rep range in your weightlifting program and then add cardio on top!

BUT Here’s The REAL Secret To Maximum Muscle…

Okay, so the above states for maximum muscle you should do 6-12 reps all the time, right?

Well the answer is NO! You want use a mix of endurance, muscle gain and strength training for maximum growth! See, by doing 6-12 reps all the time, your muscles will get used to it and so you’ll hit a plateau and just like that, your muscle growth will STOP!

muscle buildingFor best results you want to constantly be shocking your muscles. So by spending the majority of time doing muscle gain training AND adding periods of training in the strength and endurance periods, you can guarantee maximum growth!

Don’t forget that strength and endurance periods will also help you lift heavier weights and last longer in a set too! :)

I cover this in serious depth and give you a full workout routine for this in my muscle building book, “Pack Muscle, Destroy Fat” which will force your muscles to grow like here’s tno tomorrow.

That’s it…

So you now know what your weight-lifting workout should consist of, don’t make the mistake of working out the wrong way!

Before I go, I want you to always remember, you have the power to change your body… IF you just know how! Good luck with your goals, whatever they maybe! OH and don’t forget to leave me your comments!

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